Intake Session

$80 flat rate

The first step of any successful project is planning. During the intake session, one of our Professional Organizers will meet with you to asses your space and chat with you about goals. They will work to understand how you use your space, what furniture and decor pieces are important to you, and how to make those pieces work together. Our professionals can work with the items already in your home, but they can also recommend furniture and decor purchases to round out your space.

Refresh Session

$60 per hour

Our Professional Organizer will schedule a time to come and work on rearranging and refreshing your room. Whether you need the whole room swapped around or just a few smaller, strategic adjustments, our designers will work to make your space feel fresh, new, and functional.

Subsequent Organizers

$55 per hour

If your project would benefit from an extra set of hands, hire an additional Organizer at a discounted rate. This can help your project to move along more efficiently, saving you time and money in the long run.