Boston Mountain Solid Waste District Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center

Boston Mountain Solid Waste District is one of eighteen regional districts in Arkansas, covering the Northwest Arkansas Counties of Madison and Washington. We provide environmentally sound and economically feasible solid waste management using an integrated approach of waste reduction, reuse, recycling, composting, disposal, and education.

Accepted Items

oil-based paint, paint thinner, mineral spirits, water sealant, stain, fluorescent bulbs, pesticide, herbicide, automotive products, oil, antifreeze, fuel, oil filters, cleaning chemicals, aerosol cans, pool chemicals, pressurized containers, propane canister, helium tanks, thermometers, thermostats, medical sharps, passenger tires (four free per month, $2.25 per additional tire, additional $2.25 per rim), large truck tires ($5 per tire, additional $5 per rim), tractor tires ($10 per tire up to 150 pounds, additional $5 per rim)